It’s Zubby Michael’s Time 1

It’s Zubby Michael’s Time


It’s Zubby Michael’s Time 2


It has been proven time and again that patience is a virtue. Determination, hardwork, consistency and preparations are key components of success. These attributes can be likened to the feat that top Nollywood actor, Egwu Zubby Michael has achieved in his career.
Michael who started way back from the scratch is now grinning from ear to ear giving the fact that he is the most sought-after thespian in tinsel town today.
Just like some of his colleagues who couldn’t continue owing to the myriads of challenges of an upstart in the motion picture industry, Michael has braved them all and now is at the top of his game commanding respect from all and sundry.
Producers as well as directors are falling over themselves in Asaba to feature him in their flicks and to get him to grace your sets, you have to of course, part with the seven digits sum for him to do that.
Anambra-state born Michael is shooting back to back. And he has the good things of life to show for it. Patience again is a virtue, embrace it. newstimesafrica

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